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The weird and the wonderful hidden secrets of Spain, Andalusia and the Costa Del Sol.

See the photo stream and descriptions below and contact us for tour/safari information & prices.

Prices depend on the numbers of people in your group & the times of year etc.

Some tours can be combined. eg Castella De La Frontera and Tarifa can be done in one day. Let us know what you want and we will make a day you will never forget!

Come with us in our specially prepared Safari Land Rover for a half day or a full day on or off-road tour, to some of the most amazing weird and wonderful places you will ever see!

Hidden Secrets Tour - Castanyo Santo...

...Castanyo Santo, The Sacred Tree of Istan, can be found high up in the mountains, hidden in the forests of the Sierra De Las Nieves Natural Park. This tree has stood for around 1,000 years. In 1501, the King of Spain visited this massive old tree with a priest; they blessed the tree and declared it Sacred. Now measuring a staggering 20 meters around it's trunk, Castanyo Santo is a National Monument, and is the oldest living thing in Andalucia and possibly the whole of Spain. You can now visit this famous hidden secret with in our special Land Rover, for an off-road safari along ancient mountain trails.Hidden-Secrets

El Torcal...

...or Jurassic Park as we call it! 250 million years ago, this place was at the bottom of the sea. Now, this incredible place with amazing rock formations is at the top of a mountain! We can take one of the many walks where every corner brings another astonishing view. On the way to El Torcal we can also visit the world famous Lobo Wolf Park.El-Torcal

The Roman Baths...

...of Manilva, where sulphur filled water pours from an underground cave, and has done for millions of years. It is said that Julius Caesar came here to bathe in the healing waters to cure a skin infection over 2,000 years ago! The Romans built a bath house around the cave and is now a ruin, but this secret place is still used today by people in the know.

Manilva Roman Baths

Salt Safari...

...will take you to a mountain where salt water seeps from the ground and dries in the sun to create amazing salt crystals; from a distance it looks like snow. Once again, the Romans built a salt farm here over 2,000 years ago and although the buildings are now ruins, people still farm the salt. Later on we will visit Rio Frio - this small village is built along the “Cold River”. All year round you can see wild trout swimming in the crystal clear cool waters.Salt-Safari

Tarifa Tour...

...will take you to the far southern tip of Spain, where Africa looks like a short swim away and the beach seems to go on forever! We will take you to see the huge golden sand dunes where you could be forgiven for believing you are lost in the deserts of Africa! Later, you can relax on the beach or enjoy one of the many restaurants or bars, and we know where to find the famous Tarifa blue mud!Tarifa


Castella De La Frontera...

The Castle, high on the hill, has an enclosed village, mostly untouched for hundreds of years, with vulture's flying over head – sometimes close enough to see their eyes looking at you! The castle was abandoned some years ago when the local council decided it was too expensive to repair, and a completely new village was built a few miles away. The old place was then taken over by hippies from around the world, and it still remains largely a hippy village. After seeing the Castle we will take you to a bar that looks like it came straight from a Wild West movie!Castella-de-la-Frontera

Into the Sky Tour...

We will drive you from the coast road up to the world famous town of Mijas, and then on a little used access road straight to the top of the highest mountain on the coast, above Benalmadena where all the communication antennas are. From here, you have an incredible view from the sky down to the coast, where you can see Malaga, Torremolinos, Benalmadena, Fuengirola and more; look down on planes and clouds! From the other side, you can see inland Spain as far as the horizon. After these amazing sights we will drive back down the mountain to the town of Mijas were you will have time to walk around and enjoy this stunning place, have a meal or drink. There is so much to see!

Into the Sky Tour

El Chorro and the Lakes...

Our El Chorro tour takes you out into the stunning countryside to the Spanish version of the Lake District. You will see the Camino Del Rey (The King's Walkway) that crosses the amazing gorge - the scariest walk way in the world! Sometime in the future we hope to cross the walkway, as the government have decided after many years to repair it and open it for anyone who is brave enough! For now, we just look up and wonder. A visit to a bar follows, and then a short drive though weird rock formations to the stunning blue lakes where, in the summer, you can rent a boat.

El-Chorro   W&WLandRoverTours

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